Circle of Excellence May 2019

With pleasure we want to introduce you to our very first winner of the Circle of Excellence Award (aka Employee of the Month) Emil.

Emil is on the left with his account manager, Thijs, on the right.

Why we decided to choose Emil?

We find his story very inspiring. Emil has worked for us for over a year. The beginnings were not easy. We could not offer him a stable job, so he moved from one client to another. However, since February 2019 Emil is being trained to become a Shift Leader at one of our clients.

How did he do it?

Two things, Emil proved a motivated and reliable employee wherever he went, whether he was sorting packages, shipping books, or assembling electronics. Also, Emil speaks both Dutch and Polish, which makes him a great assets for companies with Dutch management and Polish production workers. One of our clients was looking for exactly such a link and, because we were very happy with Emil’s performance and reliability, we decided to present him as a suitable candidate.


We asked Emil to tell us how he got to this point in life and he turned out to be a very modest and painfully honest person.

Here is what Emil said about learning Dutch

“Learning Dutch is difficult, but it is possible to learn. It took me 5 years, and I still don’t speak perfect Dutch. But, to be honest, I was not the most devoted student, and I only learnt during the lessons. I think if somebody puts more effort and time into learning, it can be done faster. Luckily I am not afraid or ashamed to speak Dutch. I just try and as long as I can communicate I am fine.”

About his new job Emil says:

“I am happy. I was looking for a job for a longer period of time and I hope this is it. It’s important for me to learn new things and get new skills in a job, and I am doing it now. I am planning to get forklift and reach truck certificates soon. I think it is good for my future. “

The qualities of a good Shift Leader according to Emil:

“I think knowledge and experience. In order to teach someone I need to know myself what I am doing. Also patience and respect, no shouting or leaving a new employee alone without help.”

About his hopes and dreams for the future:

“I would like to start my own company, but I am not very good at saving money. I am still young, so I guess I still need to learn a lot in my life.”

That’s Emil for you with his down-to-earth attitude. He just says it how it is. Things don’t happen overnight and by themselves, but doing nothing is not an option if you want to advance in life.

We wish Emil a lot of success and we hope he will become the Shift Leader he hopes to be!