Circle of Excellence July 2019

Get ready for an energy shot. This month’s winner of Circle of Excellence is Dagmara. She works for us as a logistics employee, but she is also a football player and a coach. No wonder she’s an excellent team player!

We met with Dagmara at her workplace to talk to her and we immediately became huge fans of her energy, confidence, and fearlessness. Meet Dagmara, our employee of the month in July!

Dagmara in the middle between her account manager Jan and community manager Barbara

Why we decided to choose Dagmara?

Dagmara has worked for almost a year and has proven a model employee: organized, independent, and, most importantly, extremely reliable.

How did she do it?

As a logistic employee responsible for the reception and disposal of empty bottles and crates, Dagmara is more than able to work independently in a quick, organized, and proper way. At Progress we relied on Dagmara for a while to drive other employees to work and she never failed them. She was always on time, and she made sure they arrived safely at work and at home. Because Dagmara speaks both Polish and English she often helps her Polish colleagues with communication. We are extremely happy that Dagmara has earned the trust of her team leaders and became a valuable member of the team.

We asked Dagmara why she came to the Netherlands and about her plans for the future. This is what she told us:

The main reason was money. In Poland I worked two jobs as a football coach and a trainer at a gym, but I was alone and I wanted to help out my mum, so I came here. It’s not my first time in the Netherlands. I was here two years ago and also worked in a logistic company. I even became a team leader, but then I had to go back to Poland for personal reasons. Now I am back and I want to stay. I want to learn Dutch, I want to rent a house, buy a car, and when I have more stability I want to join a football team.

Dagmara’s advice for those who want to come to work in the Netherlands:

“You have to speak English. If I didn’t know English I would never come here. If you don’t speak English, you are not independent. You rely on other people to help you in a shop, at the doctor’s or even at work. I really like it that in the Netherlands everybody, even old people, speak English and they are friendly, so you can always ask them for help. And a second important thing is not to be afraid. I am lucky, because I have a lot of self-confidence and I am not afraid to talk to strangers. I just go for it. But I know that my colleagues who are shy have it more difficult.“

Dagmara about women’s football:

“It used to be a niche, but it’s getting more and more popular, even in Poland. There are a lot of clubs nowadays that girls can join. I did watch World Championships, but I didn’t root for any particular team. I knew that the US will win. I was really surprised though that the Netherlands got into the finals.”

That’s Dagmara for you with her can-do attitude, determination, and courage. Dagmara knows that there are obstacles she needs to overcome, but that does not stop her from doing her best.

We wish Dagmara a lot of success and we hope that soon she will build the life in the Netherlands she wants to have.