Why, how, what


Why do we provide agency workers?

Because we believe in the strength of long-term cooperation between our client company, our agency workers and Progress. We are convinced that every organisation is entitled to the best match in its personnel. We are also convinced that every motivated worker is entitled to suitable work. Our agency workers contribute to the success of your organisation. Your organisation contributes to the success of our agency workers.

We help to create a lasting relationship between you and the agency worker. We will be happy to discuss with you how we think a flexible temporary workforce can contribute to an even more efficient and productive organisation.


How do we envision our collaboration?

Long-term cooperation is the foundation for a strong relationship between your organisation and our agency workers. Our enthusiastic team focuses our services on achieving the desired result. To achieve this, we can count on our energetic team: its members are responsible for following up on the arrangements and contractual agreements we have made, for placing your wishes in centre stage and attuning our services to that. We work to continually improve our collaboration.


What kind of arrangements will we make?

To get the most out of our long-term relationship, we regularly evaluate how we work together. This starts from criteria we have determined in consultation with you, the object being to work together as equal partners. By evaluating our services, we ensure that they stay transparent and reliable. This also enables us to maintain the desired level of quality and to look for cost-reducing solutions.